Raising a Thinking Child Classes Offered in 2020

The Raising A Thinking Child Program (RTC) is an evidence based, 6 week, 2 hours per/ week, education program for parents and caregivers of children ages 4-7 years of age.  Parents will learn and practice skills in class, then use a workbook at home to teach and practice the same skills with their children. The program teaches social–emotional and problem–solving skills to both parents for use with their children. Outcomes include skill development and positive behavior change.

Parents report an increase in how frequently they use new parenting behaviors and strategies after completing the program, commenting that: “I am much more patient and understanding and less “jumpy.”

The series helps guide parents and caregivers through common issues like temper tantrums, conflicts with siblings, friends or classmates, interrupting or impulsive behavior, or listening problems through communication and problem solving. The series helps parents and caregivers guide children through solving problems and daily conflicts, considering the feelings of others, and managing common challenges independently.

Children also learn and use new prosocial behaviors by the end of the series and parents have commented, “he is much better at handling his emotions and communicating better.”

Three of the key problem-solving skills 4 – 7-year olds learn in the Raising A Thinking Child Program (RTC) are perspective taking, alternative solutions skills, and consequential thinking skills. As a result of participation in the RTC Program, children are able to build positive skills and behaviors that can prevent negative outcomes for children as they mature into teens and adults. Working with children as young as four years old may help decrease physical aggression, impatience, emotional/ relational aggression, social withdrawal or victimization, insensitivity to others in need, and an inability to make friends later in the teen and adult years.

Beginning January 10, 2020, and running weekly, for six consecutive weeks, through February 14th, Extension Columbia and Sauk Counties will be hosting the Raising A Thinking Child Program (RTC) for those area residents. The educational program will be held online for those wishing to participate in the programming.

Class space for this winter program is limited so sign up early! You can register at this website or you can contact the  Sauk County offices to speak to the educator, Amanda Coorough, Human Development & Relationships program (608) 355-3250 or on amanda.coorough@wisc.edu.


Extension Sauk Counties provide family dynamic programming to county residents throughout the human lifespan based on community assessed need with key stakeholders. Extension Sauk Counties are an EEO Affirmative Action employer, the University of Wisconsin – Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming including Title IX and ADA requirements. If you require reasonable accommodations to participate in this programming, please call as soon as possible.

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