Land Values

Many of the following factors contribute to the expected crop return and the supply and demand of cropland:

  • Expected Crop Return
  • Variability of Crop Return

For example, land that is poorly drained may exhibit variability of returns due to late plantings from wet springs.

  • Land Quality
  • Fertility Levels
  • Drainage Capabilities
  • Buildings and Grain Storage Availability
  • Size of Farm
  • Location of Farm
  • Shape of Fields
  • Previous Tillage Systems or Crops
  • Services Provided by Operator
  • Conditions of Lease
  • Payment Dates
  • Reputation of Landowner/Operator
This information was gathered from the document titled “Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangments for your Farm” by the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee.  This document is available under the “Rental Agreements” tab, which is within the “Land Resources” tab.
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