The Extension Dairy Program strengthens the competitiveness of the Wisconsin dairy industry through statewide leadership in education and research.

Visit https://extension.wisc.edu/agriculture/dairy/ to find the most up to date dairy resources for you.  It also provides you with lots of resources and upcoming conferences and trainings.

Topics include:

  • Agriculture Safety & Health: Create safe work spaces to prevent injuries and fatalities.
  • Animal Welfare & Herd Health: Supporting and strengthening the dairy and beef cattle industry through awareness and understanding of improved animal handling and animal well-being practices.
  • Dairy Replacements:  Programs to help producers and calf/heifer raisers enhance productivity and profitability.
  • Dairy Facilities & Modernization: Decision-making tools to use when considering investing in facilities and technology to provide animal comfort and improved profitability.
  • Milk Quality & Milking Systems: Tools for dairy producers, veterinarians and industry professionals to improve herd health and milk quality.
  • Feed & Nutrition: Research-based information that enhances profitable forage production and utilization while sustaining Wisconsin’s natural resources.
  • Reproduction & Genes: Research focused on improving reproduction and increase profitability.