Health, Families & Finances

Families and Communities

  • Creating strong families that serve as the foundation for community life by enhancing family relationships, parenting, child development, and the community institutions that promote family well-being.

Food and Nutrition

  • Promoting healthy, well-nourished families as they learn to manage food dollars, plan nutritious meals, and purchase, prepare, and serve food that is safe to eat.

Family Economics

  • Helping families meet future needs while keeping pace with day-to-day expenses and addressing the basics of earning, spending, saving, investing, health care, and housing issues.
  • Learn how to keep for home safe with tips from

Home & Community Education (HCE)

  • HCE offers opportunities for learning in a social setting, sharing what we learn,  and caring to make a difference in our homes, communities and the world.

Please contact Amanda Coorough, Human Development & Relationships Educator, at 608-963-1040 or if you have any questions or want to learn more.