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To Join 4-H in Sauk County:

4-H enrollment is open between September 1st – December 1st.  Please call the UW Madison Division of Extension Sauk County office at 608-355-3250 if you are a new member wanting to enroll outside of these dates.

All 4-H member and 4-H Volunteer enrollment will now be done online at:


(See the New Family Enrollment Guide for help enrolling online)

4-H consists of youth ages 5-19 having fun, exploring, and discovering new things. Sauk County has 13 clubs to choose from.

There are many helpful resources linked to help you navigate through this NEW adventure you are about to begin. Sauk County 4-H has many things to offer. The 1st step into a successful 4-H experience is connecting with a local club that fits you and your family best.

  1. Sauk County 4-H Clubs Listing
    • Find a club that fits your families schedule and reach out to the club leader to schedule a club visit
    • There are many clubs located throughout Sauk County and, like people, each one has its own unique personality. We encourage you to visit more than one club before you decide which one to join.
  1. Sauk County 4-H Calendar of Events
    • This calendar is a tentative overview of what is generally available for you to participate in as a 4-H member in Sauk County.  Events are subject to change.
    • There are always more project events that are offered throughout the year
  2. Clover Comments Newsletter
  • We e-mail our newsletter. Here’s our latest news!
    1. **You are able to switch clubs in Sauk County 4-H. If you decide to try a new 4-H club, first contact the leader of your current 4-H club and let them know of your plans and then contact the leader of the club you’d like to join. You will not need to complete new enrollment forms. Just contact the Sauk County UWEX office (355-3250) and let us know of the switch so that we can update our records.          

Instructions for Enrolling as a NEW 4-H Family

Instructions for Re-Enrolling as a Current 4-H Family

Additional Information:

Sauk County 4-H Clubs Information: Sauk County 4-H Clubs Listing2024

4-H Clubs:

  • A group of five or more youth, guided by an adult 4-H leader.
  • An educational plan which meets the purpose of the 4-H program.
  • Meets on a continuing basis–usually once a month.
  • Youth are involved in leadership and decision-making roles.
  • The Club “belongs” to members.

Baraboo Area

  • Baraboo Valley 4-H Club
  • Circus City 4-H Club
  • Webster’s Prairie 4-H Club
  • Skillet Creek 4-H Club

Loganville Area

  • Loganville-Friendship 4-H Club

Plain Area

  • Happy Hustlers 4-H Club

Reedsburg Area

  • Endeavor 4-H Club
  • Jolly Beavers 4-H Club
  • Narrows Creek 4-H Club

Sauk Prairie Area

  • Sauk-Prairie Earthlings 4-H Club
  • Prairie Busy Badgers 4-H Club
  • Active Strivers 4-H Club

Wisconsin Dells Area

  • Mirror Lake 4-H Club

Feel free to contact the Extension Sauk County for more information on 4-H Clubs in your area at 608-355-3250.  Email: Stacy Parsons at sparsons4@wisc.edu

Thank you for your interest in Sauk County 4-H!

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