Sauk County

ARC (Agriculture Risk Coverage-County) & PLC (Private Loss Coverage) Decision Resources

This page assembles a variety of resources to help farmers (and those working with farmers) make their decisions regarding signup for the commodity support programs ARC and PLC. The materials have a Wisconsin focus, but are not exclusively for Wisconsin, as the programs are national in scope.  You can also learn more about the programs at the USDA FSA ARC/PLC page.

Ag Community Groups

Farmer Angel Network (FAN) & Farm Stress

The Farmer Angel Network is a grassroots organization that builds strong rural communities that support agriculture by providing education, resources, and fellowship with a focus on mental health. They are a coalition working towards education on how to manage farm stress, how to support your neighbors and farmers, and advocacy for the farming community.  Learn more about upcoming programs and how to join the Farmer Angel Network Facebook page.

If you or someone you know are experiencing chronic stress that is impacting your mental and physical well-being, relationships, and decision making, there are resources for you.  Visit the Resilient Farms, Families, Business & Communities webpage for more resources.  There is a Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Program through the USDA website and a 24/7 hotline at 1-888-901-2558.  They also have a lot of great resources at

Sauk Soil & Water Improvement Group (SSWIG)

Sauk Soil & Water Improvement Group is a community of farmers and partners that share a common goal of improving our soil and water quality through soil health and other conservation practices.  Learn more by checking out their Facebook page.

Producers of the Lake Redstone Watershed

The Producers of the Lake Redstone Watershed are working towards the goal of improving the water quality and soil health within the watershed. Our unique producer-led group is using on farm research to improve conservation in and out of the watershed.  Learn more by visiting their Facebook page.

You can also find out more about watersheds in and near Sauk County at the UW Discovery Farm website. 

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