Additional Resources

You can support pollinators even if you don’t have space or property to help grow and maintain habitat.  Check out the list below of how you can help!

  • Celebrate Pollinator Week in June
  • Pollinator ID and Tracking: Wisconsin Wild Bee App WiBee
  • Podcasts – listen to broadcasts about native bees, endangered pollinators, pollinator gardens and backyard habitat, and a view a video clip from Green Springs Garden. Are you providing good habitat for pollinators in your yard?
  • Webcasts ( Pollinator Live and Monarch Live) – take a trip on these websites to “see” monarch habitat across North America and learn about the great migration of monarchs, or learn how bees and other pollinators benefit people and how to attract them to your schoolyard.
  • The Nature’s Partner’s Curriculum – fun activities for clubs, schools, and families to learn about pollinators. Children may need some help from adults with many of these activities.
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