Sauk County 4-H Junior Leader Council (JLC)

Junior Leader Council meets monthly at 6:30p.m. on the 4th Thursday of each month via Zoom but is usually held at the West Square Building, Baraboo, to participate in hands-on leadership activities and plan upcoming events. 

JLC is open to all Sauk County 4-H members is 7th – 13th grades.

Attend JLC because…

  •  It will give you a chance to meet other older youth in Sauk County 4-H.
  • You’ll have a chance to learn new leadership skills.
  • Together as a group, you’ll complete a variety of activities that will help you learn what type of leader you are.
  • Throughout the year, you will practice your leadership skills and have the opportunity to plan a variety of programs for Sauk County 4-H.
  • It will be a lot of fun and you’ll have a chance to make some new friends!

Any Questions? Contact 4-H Youth Development Educator at (608) 355-3250.

Would you like to earn your 4-H Master Jr. Leader Certification?  You can if you attend the JLC meetings! JLC will meet every month.  At each meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in hands-on leadership activities and plan upcoming events as they arise.

Each year, you have the opportunity to earn a Master Jr. Leader Certification. The first year, you would earn Level 1, the second year, Level 2, and so on!

Why would you want to earn your 4-H Master Jr. Leader Certification?

  • By earning this certification, it will communicate to other 4-H members, leaders, and parents that you have learned a valuable set of leadership skills.  These skills will help you work with other 4-H members in your club, other students in your school, and people in every aspect of your lives.
  • You will be able to list the “4-H Master Jr. Leader Certification” on scholarship applications, resumes, Member Evaluation forms, employment applications, and college applications.
  • Each year you earn this certification, you will be recognized at the Sauk County 4-H Fall Awards Banquet and commended in the Clover Comments.
  • You will make yourself a better person and a better leader!  You’ll learn more about yourself and other people…skills that you will use for the rest of your life!

Here are the requirements for each Master Junior Leader Certification level:

Level 1:  Attend 3 Junior Leader Council business meetings, and help at one JLC Fundraiser.

Level 2:  Attend 4 Junior Leader Council business meetings, and lead an Educational Activity at a countywide event (New Family Night Project Table, Super Saturday, County Fair Action Center).

Level 3:  Attend 5 Junior Leader Council business meetings, emcee an event, and lead an educational activity at a countywide event (New Family Night Project Table, Super Saturday, County Fair Action Center).

Level 4:  Attend 6 Junior Leader Council business meetings, hold an officer role (in the JLC or your 4-H Club), and participate in a Statewide Youth Leadership Opportunity. (Ex. Fall Forum, 4-H and Youth Conference, Camp Counselor, or State Team {Ex. Drama, Art, Showcase}).

Contact the Sauk County 4-H Youth Development Office at 608-355-3251 if you need additional information.

Master Jr Leader Certification

 Events and Activities:

  • Coordinate the 4-H publicity book at the county fair.
  • Emcee county 4-H events, such as the performance arts festival and fall banquet.
  • Coordinate the 4-H Open House in October
  • Create and set up 4-H displays and booths at local events, businesses, and libraries


  • To community groups and the county board
  • To recruit youth into 4-H at local schools

Publicity and Promotion Tasks:

  • Be responsible for county 4-H radio programming during the county fair and National 4-H Week
  • Develop videotapes and PowerPoint presentations showing the wide variety of 4-H activities.
  • Take pictures at countywide 4-H events.
  • Produce public service announcements for radio
  • Write 4-H news releases and features
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